Barbara Quinn Smith

Attorney · Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Barbara Quinn Smith has practiced in Ohio since 1991, concentrating on securities and consumer litigation. She has obtained multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of consumers in class actions involving product liability, deceptive advertising, and securities fraud. She represents individuals in bankruptcy, and in claims made against debt collectors, brokers, lenders, and other financial entities.

Barbara is the author of the section on Ohio law published in the ABA’s Survey of State Class Action Law, included as a supplement to Newburg on Class Actions. She is a graduate of John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  

You can find Barbara at her office in Mentor, Ohio, on X @prtctngthecnsmr, and on Facebook.

Articles By Barbara Quinn Smith

When a Judgment Creditor Requests a Deposition, Documents, or Written Answers
If a creditor gets a judgment against you, it will then take steps to collect on that judgment. The creditor can collect by garnishing your wages, or selling some of your assets or property. Before the judgment creditor does this, it must first find out whether you are employed, how much money you make, and what assets you own.
How to Handle a Debt Collection Lawsuit
If a debt buyer sues you to collect a debt, you should respond to the lawsuit and challenge it's right to collect.