Courtney Davis

Attorney · University of Georgia School of Law

Courtney Davis is a consumer bankruptcy lawyer practicing in Athens, Georgia. Courtney is an associate at Harris & Liken, LLP, a firm that specializes in bankruptcy, insolvency, tax delinquency, commercial litigation, tax delinquency, and foreclosure defense. Courtney received her undergraduate degree, her Masters of Public Administration, and her law degree all from the University of Georgia.

Articles By Courtney Davis

How Long Will My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Last?
When compared to many other legal matters, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a relatively quick process. As a general rule, you can expect your case to last four to five months. This timeline, however, varies depending on where you live and where you file your case. In addition, several events might occur during your case that will extend the length of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.