Patricia Dzikowski

Attorney · University of Miami Law School

Fort Lauderdale Bankruptcy Attorney Patricia Dzikowski has been actively practicing law in South Florida since 1983. Ms. Dzikowski is the owner of the Law Office of Patricia Dzikowski, which offers representation to individuals, businesses and trustees in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, Florida.  

Law practice. Ms. Dzikowski is a member of the Florida Bar and has been practicing bankruptcy law throughout South Florida for more than 25 years. She served as a panel bankruptcy trustee for more than 15 years, having administered more than 18,000 Chapter 7 cases. She has also served by appointment as a Chapter 11 Trustee, Chapter 11 Examiner, and the in-country (U.S.) trustee in a proceeding ancillary to a foreign bankruptcy case.  

Litigation. In addition to representing debtors, creditors, and trustees in main bankruptcy proceedings, Ms. Dzikowski has litigated numerous adversary proceedings through trial and appeal. She has prosecuted and defended appeals before the United States District Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Miami and Atlanta. Ms. Dzikowski has also represented parties at mediation and settlement conferences.

Writing experience. Attorney Dzikowski has authored articles on bankruptcy, consumer finance, debt resolution, and other consumer law topics for as well as for other websites in the Nolo network.                    

Education. Ms. Dzikowski is a graduate of the University of Miami Law School (J.D.) and also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and an undergraduate degree (B.A.) in Politics.

Articles By Patricia Dzikowski

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