How can I file an amendment to my chapter 7 bankruptcy?


How can I file an amendment to my chapter 7 bankruptcy?


If you make a mistake or leave something off your bankruptcy forms, you can file an amendment. You'll need to ask your local bankruptcy court whether it will allow you to file a new copy of the form with only the information that's added or changed, or whether you will have to complete the rest of the form again as well. 

When you find out your court's procedures, get a new blank copy of the form and make your changes. At the right-hand side of the top of the form, check the "Amended Filing" box. Then, file the amendment with the court (along with a fee, if necessary) and serve it on the trustee and any creditors affected by the change. If your court requires it, you may also have to file a cover sheet or other documents with your amendment. 

Don't forget that a change to one form may require changes to others. For example, if you left personal property off Schedule A/B: Property, you may want to claim it as exempt on Schedule C: The Property You Claim as Exempt. If it's subject to a secured loan, you'll have to amend Schedule D as well as your Statement of Intention. 

Updated by: Cara O'Neill, Attorney

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