What are average attorney fees in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case?

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What are average attorney fees in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case?


Typical fees charged by attorneys to represent you in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy vary depending on where you live and how complicated your case will likely be.

In most areas of the country, lawyers charge somewhere between $2,500 and $4,000 to handle a routine Chapter 13 case.

Bankruptcy cases are somewhat rare in that attorneys must disclose the fees they charge in a particular case to the bankruptcy trustee. Some jurisdictions have presumptive maximum fees that attorneys can charge. These maximums, however, are not absolute. Attorneys can charge more if they can demonstrate to the court that it is reasonable to do so.

Apart from the fee to handle routine matters in your case, your attorney may charge you more for additional matters that arise during your bankruptcy. For example, litigating a creditor's challenge to the dischargeability of one of your debts.

Sometimes attorneys anticipate such challenges and add the additional charges into your initial fee. Other times the attorney will charge you by the hour if something crops up. Typical hourly rates are $200 to $300, and more for court appearances.

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